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    Wheel alignments improve the fuel economy of your fleet.

    If the wheel alignment is incorrect, the vehicle has higher roll resistance. More fuel – up to 30%, in fact – will be used to overcome this problem. Even the slightest amount of misalignment can increase the fuel consumption and, in the long run, your costs.With fuel prices being what they are, even a minimal savings can help.

    Improper alignment also shortens the lifespan of the tyres.Tyres that are misaligned can wear unevenly and prematurely. This can not only cause more damage than is typical but also affect how the vehicle handles.

    Correcting the wheel alignment can increase the lifespan of a tyre by about 20% in most cases. With careful monitoring and inspection, the efficiency and longevity increases. Wheel alignment is one of our top services, and the use of lasers for precision helps maximise the results.

    You can also reduce CO2 emissions.
    More efficient engines and fuel economy leads to reduced emissions. Better fuel potential also means less fuel is consumed, also resulting in an overall reduced impact on the environment. If paired with an already efficient engine, the CO2 emissions can be minimised with ease.

    Better handling in the long term.
    Wheels that misalign can cause the vehicle to veer in either direction. Drivers will correct this with their steering, but it can wear on their reflexes and the car. Uneven tyres also occasionally do not adhere to the road as consistently.

    Wheel alignment improves things by reducing unnecessary stress and improving tyre grip. Steering joints, wheel bearings, and other components have their lifespans prolonged too.

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