A Bit About Truck Wheel Alignment

The alignment of the wheels of a truck is important. The handling of the vehicle can be affected if there's even the slightest bit amiss, so truck wheel alignment is critical. Collisions, potholes, and the like can all cause things to be problematic.

However, sometimes the signs aren't quite as obvious. Crashing into a curb and hearing a thud is pretty obvious. You'd need to be blind to miss it. What about the subtler signs, though?

With all of this in mind, let's break down what the typical signs that you need a truck wheel alignment. They're a little subtler than impact and loud sounds, so they might not always be something you spot. Thankfully, we're here to give you an idea what to look for.

First, take a look at any unusual or uneven wear on the tires. If one tire is more worn or is worn down differently, the alignment is off-track.

Common tire wear is due to a lack of rotation. Normally, it shows up on the front of the tires or as cupping around the edges. This is not the case if you're looking at misaligned ones. Instead, you'll have excessive wear along the inside edge or along the outer edges.

Another indication the wheels aren't aligned properly would be in how you use the steering wheel. If it's pulling closer to one side or another, that's a bad indication. If it's not level as you drive, it might also be an issue with the wheel alignment.

People will notice that apart from the physical effort, the wheel itself is off-centre. When using it, the pull is towards the side where the wheels are misaligned. In some cases, it might remain at an angle even if you're driving in a straight line.

Repairs can be rather expensive if you've allowed the damage to go without being mended for that long. This is because the process is going to be a bit involved.

Fixing the alignment requires wheels being adjusted so they're perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Laser lights allow for the most precise alignment possible, allowing for a perfect repositioning of all the parts involved.

Standard equipment will be cheaper, but tougher cases call for other equipment. Adjustable control arms or shim kits will increase the price.

The best way to avoid high costs is to conduct maintenance. Don't wait for the tires to be misaligned, but instead take the car in regularly to have even small issues corrected.

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