What Makes You Need Wheel Alignment Perth

Alright, so you know now just what happens when your tires aren't properly aligned. You know how important it is to bring it over to the shop so it can be corrected, keeping the damage from getting too far. You know wheel alignment Perth is a crucial part of truck maintenance.

What you might not know is just how your wheels got out of whack in the first place. Well, give us a minute so we can break down the most likely causes for you.

First, if you tend to zoom over speed bumps, that's going to be a problem. Apart from the physics-related concerns, there are other things that can be problematic.

Speed bumps are meant to remind you to slow down and keep an eye out for anyone that might be wandering the road. If you hit them with excessive speed, your suspension takes a hit. It's easy for the wheels to get knocked out of alignment this way.

Worse still is if your car is heavy or you're moving very fast. The greater the weight of the vehicle or the higher the speed, the more damage it takes on the bump.

If you've hit any curbs, that's going to be an issue too.

A gentle bump is usually fine, particularly if you have a tricky driveway or it only happens once in a while. A bad jolt, on the other hand, can be just as bad for your alignment. Basically, if it's hard enough or if it happens often enough, it can knock a tire or two out of their proper place.

Potholes are also going to be an issue.

The force of impact when you hit a pothole can push the wheel and suspension both backward and upward. This causes a lot of shocks, which some vehicles can't properly handle. A severe impact, or a number of repeated small ones, can lead to misaligned tires.

However, this isn't the only problem! These potholes can also damage your suspension, shocks, and steering. In some cases, they can also shorten the lifespan of the tire itself. The damage can also vary based on how fast you were going when you made the impact.

Finally, the worst way to wreck the alignment of your tires is through an accident.

Damage to your fenders can knock the alignment out of whack. Small accidents can do the same thing. Big ones can do more than just disrupt the alignment.

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