Are Flats Related to Wheel Alignment Perth?

Misaligned tires can cause damage to your vehicle. We've established this well enough, and we've done it repeatedly. There are all sorts of ways that it can go wrong, though, for the most part, the damage isn't going to "spread." Misaligned tires won't ruin your windows, for example.

However, once you know that wheel alignment Perth is a thing, you might start wondering. Can misalignment damage the tires in other ways?

We know that the tires get worn down differently because of it. This can make the lifespan of them much shorter than normal. However, is it possible that other problems might arise? For example, can they cause the tires to deflate or pop?

Can misaligned tires cause the other wheels to go flat?

To some degree, it makes sense to think like this if you're untrained. If you know nothing or very little about the wheels and systems work, you might be tempted to assume one type of damage is the same as another type. You don't have a frame of reference to picture otherwise.

However, lets lay out the facts. Misalignment does not cause a flat tire except in one specific instance. If the tire is worn through the casing due to the poor alignment, it hastens the wear and makes them more vulnerable to being flat.

Now, worn tires do tend to handle poorly in all situations. They are more likely to become flat. They're also prone to making the driving experience feel strange or awkward, even if the vehicle is otherwise properly aligned.
However, even if your tires aren't aligned properly, they're not going to cause flats.

A flat is more the result of things like inflation pressure, rather than alignment. While the excess wear on the wheel can cause it to be more likely to rupture and flatten, that's true even for properly-aligned wheels. As long as the tires are being worn, they become more vulnerable.

Remember that tires leak over time. About one PSI per month is normal in most trucks, for instance. If the inflation pressure is low, that's more likely to cause a flat than misalignment.

In other words, it's related to tire maintenance, but not the same way alignment is. The truth is that a car has many intricate parts and systems, and they all need the proper attention to avoid problems like flats and breakdowns. Neglecting one for the other isn't going to work out in the long term.

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