6 Wheelers


The average six-wheeler sees a lot of abuse.

Most of these drivetrains are used in rougher conditions that can do damage to critical systems. From supply trains to commercial trucks, a six-wheeler is a heavy-duty machine that gets a beating from roads in Perth and all over the country.

It's not surprising then, that the wheels take a lot of punishment and so they end up imbalanced and misaligned. If that happens, it could cost you not only fuel efficiency, but also serious repair costs if something breaks.

Don't let these issues get big enough to reach that point. Whether you have a long-haul truck or a recreational six-wheeler, you take out on the weekends, let our mobile truck wheel alignment service in Perth come to you.



Due to the frequent forays into rough terrain and the loads that six-wheelers carry, it is essential to make sure the wheels are aligned to operate at peak efficiency.Between our experience, the expertise of our crew, and the latest technologies, All Truck Laser Aligning will make your truck road safe again in no time.

Let us go over the details and see what needs adjusting or tweaking. If you are a business and have six-wheelers in your fleet, our maintenance contract will keep all of your trucks up to date.You get not only an analysis of its initial state but also an overview of any repairs or changes made while under our care.We will bring you the best results possible in Perth with minimal hassle guaranteed.

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