Airbag and Spring Trailers


Airbag and spring trailers are both load support systems for trucks. Both provide great support options for heavy loads and relieve some pressure on the axles.

You'll see these systems take a lot of abuse, though. While airbag and spring systems alike have the ability to change based on weight distribution, that's not perfect. Your tyres can still fall out of alignment, and crucial parts of your drivetrain might need rebalancing after some rough driving.

Properly balanced and aligned, your trailers provide better fuel economy. Your tyres last longer because they're not working under greater pressure than normal. You have fewer issues while driving and enjoy better control and manoeuvrability.


Fortunately, our Perth based business has experts that specialize in these systems. We bring to the table a package that combines years of expertise, the latest equipment available, and professional service.

We have been providing the best alignment and rebalancing services for years. We know our way around airbags and spring trailers and can adjust our equipment to meet your specific needs.We also have the best tools. From laser alignment technology to high-stress systems that let us inspect every detail of your rig, no other alignment service brings sane level of service under one roof.

All Truck Laser Aligning is the leading service in Perth, with friendly, accommodating, and professional work. We perform our tasks with efficiency so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible. When you book in with us, you are getting the best value for money. Make us your partner for wheel rebalancing and alignment for your airbag or spring trailer in Perth today.

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