Float Trailers


Your float trailer need a wheel alignment in Perth? No problems. We can help you properly balance the wheels with our laser alignment service for a smoother drive.

Float trailers are large, ideal for carrying large loads or even heavy machinery. In some cases, you can haul buildings from one place to another on these. Due to the sheer size of what they carry, stability and a smooth drive is essential.Because of the open nature of the trailer, any problems on the road could cause the cargo to slip out or become damaged, potentially costing your business lots of time and money.

Given the bulk of the items they carry, float trailers must be kept in good condition. Misaligned wheels or bad axles can certainly cause problems on the drive.


All Truck Laser Aligning has experts who have years of experience in dealing with float trailers in Perth and surrounds. Our equipment can and does detect even the slightest signs of imbalance or misalignment. We can correct these flaws, letting you get back on the road with confidence.Why correct these small issues on your Float trailer? Well It can lead to better fuel economy and stability as you drive, plus prevent any further damage and prolong the life of your tyres.

With our service, you get the best possible realignment for a price that won't break your wallet in half. Whether you have one float trailer or need maintenance for a whole fleet, you can count on the All Truck Laser Aligning expertise and professionalism to see you through.

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