Truck Wheel Alignment


Truck wheel alignment is our specialty.

Our aligners are specialists who use the latest laser wheel alignment technology to provide the very best results. If you need wheel alignment in Perth, Western Australia, your search is over.

Our team will go anywhere! Whether your truck is in a remote mining location, some workshop in the middle of the city, near a station, or anywhere else, we will go there. Our team will bring all the gear and expertise needed for small or big truck wheel alignments.



We have been doing this for years. If you suspect something is wrong or you’re just not happy with the performance of your tyre, let us see if we can help. Our Perth based wheel alignment service can handle most truck models, including dollies, twin steers, buses, airbag and spring trailers, float trailers, 6 wheelers and more, where we will carry out front and rear laser alignment.

Trust your wheel alignment only with the best. These are a crucial part of the maintenance and function of your trucks, and you want experts on the job. Getting the wrong people to do it could cause a dip in performance, if not damage your vehicle in the short or long term.

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